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    Exclusion list issue for Redhat patching

    Todd McDaniel

      We ran into an odd situation using the exclusion list for redhat patching in BSA, where the managed server also had an exclusion list matching the same items in his local /etc/yum.conf


      in this case excluding kernel* and ksh*


      My user admin ran patch analysis against two servers, one of which had the local exclusion list commented out, and one didn't (unbeknownst to him). The server that wasn't commented out allowed the 3 patches excluded to show up in the patch analysis.


      one server came back with 70 needed patches, the other 73 (with the active local exclusion list). when he commented out that file and ran the patch analysis again, it came back with 70 and 70 for both.


      The behavior of having a local exclusion defined appears to cancel out the exclusion list and allow the excluded RPMs to be analyzed.


      All help is appreciated.