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    Bladelogic RSCD agent install Umask

    Sudesh Sancheti

      Hi All,

      I am installation/Upgrading Bladelogic agent and Installing BL Agent 8.5.1 version using BMC provided script, I see in script we have umask set to 022. In our environment setting Umask to 022 is not allowed as it allows and leave World Readable to files.


      May I please know the below things ?

      1. Why Agent install require umask to be 022 ?

      2. If we Install BL agent with 0027 what issues may occur ?

      3. Which are the files required world readable if the deployments/Compliance do not happen with root user ?

      4. If still Umask 022 required, are there any files/Dir which we can make 644/755 explicitly ?