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    Synchronization of content in the Multi Manager Mesh

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      Hi everyone, I have a question about the Multi Manager Mesh environment: Is every content added to the mesh synchronized and stored on every satellite in the mesh? For example if a satellite only manages MSSQL servers, does it has to store also Oracle Patch Packages even if they're only used/needed on another Satellite Manager? Or is content only synchronized when it's run for the first time on a Satellite Manager?

      Hope you can answer my question.


      Thank You


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          Hello Heiko,


          In multi-manager configuration the Content Manager communicates with one or more Satellite Managers, enabling the Synchronization of content to ensure consistent content across Satellite Managers which includes: Patch packages, templates, Actions and RBAC/user information.

          After Multi-Manager is installed and configured such new content (Patch packages, templates, Actions and RBAC/user information) and content that has changed gets synchronized automatically from the Content Manager to Satellite Managers.


          Polling is done at 1 minute intervals.

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            Hi, Heiko!


            To answer your question, yes, all content on the Content Manager is synchronized to all satellite managers in the mesh, regardless of what actual needs each of the satellite managers might have.  This means that, even though a satellite manager might only have agent nodes running SQL Server instances on it, it will still get content for Oracle, Sybase, and DB2.  The initial reason for this was to support agent failover: if an agent cannot connect to its primary manager and fails over to another manager (the list of managers it can fail over to are specified in the agent's dagent.conf file), any content necessary to be able to work with the agent is already on the backup satellite manager.


            Currently, there is no way for a satellite manager to be able to specify that it only needs certain kinds of patch packages / templates / actions / standards / etc. and not others.  As Ajit alluded, the synchronization happens almost immediately after the content is created or updated on the Content Manager.


            If you would like to be able to restrict what content is synchronized from the Content Manager to individual satellite managers, please open an IDEA for this feature.

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              Hi Ajit and Packy,

              thank you for your quick and detailed response.

              I'll consider writing an idea for this feature.