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    How to find which NSH proxy server is connected from NSH client when the connection is established via LoadBalancer

    Shankar Masekar



      WHAC, who has BSA 8.7 Env with 2 Config+NSH Proxy servers configured with loadbalancer in place to route traffic from Console & NSH clients to any of the available Config+NSH Proxy Server. Both Console & NSH Client users are able to successfully establish connection to either of the Config+NSH proxy servers via Loadbalncer.


      Now, we can find the Config Server the Console is connected via Infrastructure management view, however how we can determine the Config+NSH proxy server that the NSH client is connected to ? Since we have configured ‘appsvc’  & ‘proxysvc’ to use loadblancer URL’s, “blcred cred –list” is not helping to determine which Config+NSH proxy Server it is connected to.Please see below the result of “blcred cred –list” captured after establising connection from NSH Client


      % blcred cred -list

      Username: xxxxxx

      Authentication:   Domain Authentication

      Issuing Service: service:authsvc.bladelogic:blauth:// loadbalanceURL:9840

      Expiration Time:  Fri Oct 21 16:06:53 GMT 2016

      Maximum Lifetime: Fri Oct 21 16:06:53 GMT 2016

      Client address:   xxxx.xxx.xxx.xxx.

      Authorized Roles:    BLAdmins RBACAdmins

      Destination URLs:

          service:appsvc.bladelogic:blsess:// loadbalanceURL:9841

          service:proxysvc.bladelogic:blsess:// loadbalanceURL:9842


      We can find the NSH client connection details from App Server logs, but is there a easy way determine this from NSH Client end ?