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    BSA 8.9 - ManagementService blasadmin namespace and usage?

    Yanick Girouard

      What is the use of the following section in the blasadmin config of the app server?



      available options: [EmailNotificationLevel|EmailRecipients|JMXManagementPort|JmxNotificationLevel|SnmpNotificationLevel|SnmpRecipients]

      EmailNotificationLevel - Filter for email notifications (debug,info,warn,error,fatal)

      EmailRecipients      - Recipients for email notifications

      JMXManagementPort    - JMX Management port

      JmxNotificationLevel - Filter for jmx notifications (debug,info,warn,error,fatal)

      SnmpNotificationLevel - Filter for snmp notifications (debug,info,warn,error,fatal)

      SnmpRecipients       - Recipients for snmp notifications