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    BLDeploy job to install Jboss in Windows doesnt get completed

    Sayan Roy



      I wanted to install Jboss on windows using BSA. I created a BLPackage where I copied the Jboss installer, used java to extract the jar file and install jboss in the install directory (for me the path is C:\jboss-4.0.4). Then go to bin directory of installed folder and execute "run.bat". This batch file starts the jboss service and I can see the Jboss welcome page in the browser when I give http://localhost:8080. But the BLDeploy job doesn't get completed in BSA, since the command prompt doesn't give the control back while running the batch file. If you hit Ctrl+C the batch job ends and the jboss service gets stopped.

      How to resolve this issue?