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    Preparing a machine for WinPE Creation - Where is the subdirectory?

    Brian Engel

      Within the following instructions https://docsqa.bmc.com/docs/ServerAutomation/87/configuring-after-installation/setting-up-the-provisioning-environment/setting-up-provisioning-environments-for-windows-linux-esx-and-esxi-servers/creating-boot-image-files-and-placeholders/creating-winpe-boot-image-files/preparing-a-machine-for-winpe-image-creation

      It says to do this:

      Copy two script files from the unzipped BMC Server Automation directories to the WAIK or ADK directories. Details depend on the WinPE version:

      WinPE versionScript files to copySource directoryTarget directory
      WinPE 5.1
      • CreateWinPE5_1.vbs
      • extractpxeboot.vbs
      The provisioning\winpe subdirectory.For example:
      If you placed provision-files.zip inC:\BMC_BL and unzipped it there,
      the script files are in
      ADK installation subdirectory \Tools\PEToolsFor example:
      C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\8.1\Assessment and Deployment Kit\Tools\PETools
      WinPE 2.x
      • CreateWinPE2_x.vbs
      • extractpxeboot.vbs

      WAIK installation subdirectory \Tools\PETools

      For example:
      C:\Program Files\WinAIK\Tools\PETools




      My question is where is that \Toos\PETools subdirectory at? It doesn't exist in my ADK 8.1 directory. Am I supposed to create those sub-folders or should they be there naitively?
      This is what it looks like currently under the Assessment and Deployment Kit folder in our installation: