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    Deploy Tivoli Storage Manager Client

    Ankit Gupta



      I am trying to deploy TSM (7.1.4) on windows 2008/2012 targets.

      I have prepared the blpackage and deploy job, but deploy job is giving error and not deploying the TSM client.

      Please help me to fix this.


      Attached are the job run log, bldeploy log and export of blpackage from our environment,


      BSA appserver version:

      RSCD agent: 8.7



      Ankit Gupta

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          Bill Robinson
          10/18/16 22:23:38.008 INFO bldeploy - [2][External Cmd] Executing command: "msiexec /i "C:\temp\Tivi\IBM_Tivoli_Storage_Manager_Client.msi" RebootYesNo="No" REBOOT="Suppress" ALLUSERS=1 INSTALLDIR="c:\program files\" ADDLOCAL="BackupArchiveGUI,BackupArchiveWeb,Api64Runtime,

          AdministrativeCmd,LVSA" TRANSFORMS=1033.mst /qn /l*v "c:\log.txt"

          10/18/16 22:23:38.008 DEBUGbldeploy - [2][External Cmd] chdir to PkgDir: 'C:\tmp\stage\155cec0f83c33a149ccfb57a50f33139\'
          10/18/16 22:23:38.024 DEBUGbldeploy - [2][External Cmd] exeFullPath = (null), CmdLine = "C:\tmp\stage\155cec0f83c33a149ccfb57a50f33139\bldeploycmd.2.bat", workingDir = NULL
          10/18/16 22:23:38.811 INFO bldeploy - [2][External Cmd] [stdout: 2]     T
          10/18/16 22:23:38.811 WARN bldeploy - [2][External Cmd] [stderr: 2]     'AdministrativeCmd' is not recognized as an internal or external command,


          operable program or batch file.



          10/18/16 22:23:38.811 DEBUGbldeploy - [2][External Cmd] In RunProcess: exitCode = 9009
          10/18/16 22:23:38.811 ERRORbldeploy - [2][External Cmd] Command returned non-zero exit code: 9009 DNS server not authoritative for zone.