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    NBU Installation(Advanced Mode)

    Venudhar Reddy

           Hello All,

      I have requirement as below and NSH ready as below for step 1


      1) Identify the free space and set as "can_be_used=true" ,  in various places as below







      if space is available(min 2GB in atleast 2 individual mount points) in any of the directories mentioned above, then keep the mounts as usable mounts.


      2) Now that I identified the mount points which has enough free space, I want to push a "live server object" to the above identified one of the mount points (which is passed space check).

      I have a challenge here, as when I create live server object or BL package, we pre-define the PATH to be pushed/deployed. I am wondering how can I pass the identified free mount point to the live server object, as a destination directory



      In the above screen shot, NBU_Clien_Push NSH script will identify the mount points which are free and assign to respective variable, as usable.


      I want the output(s) of the "NBU_Client_Push" to be feeded to "live_obj" as a input.

      example if "TEMP_VAR=/var/tmp" had 3 GB free space, then the "live_obj" target "path = /var/tmp".


      Is there any "local property" value which can take the inputs of the NSH output and feed back to "live_obj" dynamically.

      Please advise as I am struck here.


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          Bill Robinson

          one way to do this would be to create a local property in the blpackage for the install path, change the actual path in the blpackage to include the property - like ??INSTALL_PATH??/blah, and then w/ your nsh script create a deploy job w/ the blpackage and specify the value of the local property you want to pass through to the blpackage and then run the deploy job from the nsh script.


          you should also be able to do this w/ compliance.