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    Archiving the Data based on the support company

    Nilesh Sawant
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      1. Archiving Management, Currently I have a requirement to archive one of the operating company data (Incidents, foundation) and delete them. I don't see any such option except enable policy, operation option and age in days. It does not allow to add specific company, support group or location etc based data to archive.


      Please provide guidance, How can I archive and delete the one tenant company data?



      Also customer confirmed below


      watched the recorded webinar on Archiving and it mentioned how to set the qualification on the Parent form and it takes down to children.

      It give me the pretty much answer what I was looking.

      Just clear me one thing, which due to blur recording could not get it.

      If I change the qualification on HPD:Help Desk form, the child will be using the Incident number not this parent qualification?

      How the association to follow for archiving is done? Example would be appreciated.


      Is there a way I can get the OOTB architecture diagram and association field list or document? That would be great help.



      Please advise