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    Are there alternatives for the blcli command "Utility assumeRole"

    Pekka Tiittanen




      I discovered that in 8.9 GA, we get a nullpointerexception when running "blcli_execute Utility assumeRole" in a NSH job. I have created a case for this, but as this is an unreleased command, support did hint that it might not get fixed. But I do hope that many, many, many other customers use the same command in their rbac scripts so this probably must be fixed. So, what alternatives we would have as we need to switch roles to rbacadmins in our RBAC script to create users etc. Or do we even have any alternatives at all?


      Below a snippet from debug.log for the script:



      RUN: Utility assumeRole RBACAdmins

      Command execution failed. java.lang.NullPointerException