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    Solutions - issues with the Questions modeler

    Fred Rickaby
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      I am replicating a real-world use case and adding questions to a solution.  I was able to add and modify the first 10 or so questions without any issue. I had added secondary questions to three of the four multiple choice answers.  My next step was to add a new question that followed on from the multiple choice question, irrespective of the multiple choice answer.  I clicked on the 'Generic Question' but it wasn't added.  I then clicked some other question types including 'Branch'.  The GUI seemed to get 'stuck'.  Now when I attempt to add any new question I get the message: "There are one or more Branch Questions. You must configure all Branch Questions before adding additional questions."  If I attempt to set the Solution to "Active", I get the message: "There are one or more Unconfigured Questions. You must configure all questions before the Solution can be made "Active"."   I have screen shots below.  None of the question blocks has a red outline, indicating that they are complete.  It seems fairly clear that the question metadata is out of sync with what is displayed in the GUI.   However, as it's not displayed, there's no way to correct it.


      Is there any way to 'reset' the GUI, ideally without having to delete all questions (this may involve going into a back-end form)?


      Are there any tips for using this GUI?


      I have tried with Chrome, Firefox and IE: all display the same behaviour.

      I am using BDC: Remedy ITSM 9.1.01+HR Case4.7+Smart IT 1.5/MyIT 3.2+ADDM 3.2-n

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          To reset the 'GUI' from the back end, the following might be helpful:

          The form that holds solution questions is COL:CASE:Solution_Questions. Error is coming from the workflow that is checking the following:

          ('Solution_Key' = $Solution_Key$) AND (('Question_Type' = "Multiple Choice Branch") OR ('Question_Type' = "Multiple Choice Selection")) AND ('Status' = "Unconfigured"). You can open the COL:CASE:Solution_Questions form directly and check for ('Status' = "Unconfigured") and delete all of the unconfigured questions so you can activate your solution. Be careful with deleting questions that might have configured 'child' questions under them - I don't think you will be able to configure lower level question before the 'parent' is configured, but not sure.

          I don't have any insight on why GUI is not displaying data correctly - hopefully product team can provide that.