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    AREA Ldap and RSSO together

    Koray Kusat
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      Hello all,


      I have a weird situation;


      First scenario:

      External-Authentication-RPC: 0

      Cross Reference Blank Passwords: Enabled

      Authenticate Unregistered Users: Disabled

      AREA Chain: AREA-ARS


      I have a working AREA LDAP setup which works fine with ActiveDirectory authentication. Users with blank passwords can authenticate against AD and login to Remedy, but Midtier gives authentication failed with RSSO in Scenario 1. MyIT with RSSO works fine.


      Scenario 2:


      External-Authentication-RPC: 0

      Cross Reference Blank Passwords: Disabled

      Authenticate Unregistered Users: Enabled

      AREA Chain: AREA-ARS


      With scenario 2, the midtier RSSO works fine. Also AREA LDAP works fine. But users with blank passwords can login the system without password. When i give password to a user then RSSO stops working again.


      Long story short, i need a remedy configuration which works fine with both RSSO and AREA LDAP.

      Btw, when i try with External-Authentication:390695 LDAP stops working completely.


      Any help is really appreciated. BMC support says it's not possible to make RSSo and AREA together. But it's a requirement in my situation.