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    File Integrity and Data Discovery

    McHarry Chito
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      Hi Everyone,


      Please help.


      What BMC Product can do this?



      - Have a real-time detection of changes to critical files and notify when such changes are noted.
      - Have a a real-time alerts to unauthorized access or changes to critical files.
      - Can protect files with the capability of blocking the user when unauthorized access was triggered.
      - Can monitor and audit all file activity.
      - Can perform critical file comparisons at least weekly.
      - Should have a report scheduling feature.
      - Reports and alerts can be sent thru email.
      - Reports should be sent in csv and pdf format.
      - Reports should have the following fields:
      IP used by user
      Workstation name used by user
      User ID
      Date and Time
      File name and path of the affected file
      Actions made in file (access, delete, created or modified)
      - If modified: what are the changes made in the file?
      Required reports
      - File Comparisons at least weekly
      - Summary of alerts (daily)
      - Summary of changes in critical files- (daily)
      - Summary of files activity - (daily)
      - Supports operating systems such as MS Windows, Unix and Linux.
      - PCI DSS Compliant
      - If agent is required; it should not make any conflict with other services running in the server and it should not slow down the server's performance.
      - In user management: user accounts should have different level of access (administrator, operator & reviewer / auditors)
      Other Requirements
      Can automate file & data discovery and classification.
      - Can detect and validate payment card numbers (via Luhn algorithm) from unencrypted folders/files/databases
      - Custom search filtering is available
      - Can perform location-specific (e.g. server, folder) search, with results segregated based on search criteria.
      - Can search card numbers in images and scanned documents
      - Can seach in all operating system and database platforms.
      - Can generate custom reports based on user requirements
      - Consumes minimal network bandwidth during scan
      - Can schedule periodic scans
      Discovering and classifications of sensitive files and data should be compatible in all platforms. (Windows, Unix and Linux)
      Can monitor Active Directory GPO
      Can monitor Active Directory User Account Creation, Deletion & Modification