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    Date question types and 'Requested Due Date'

    Fred Rickaby
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      I have some questions that may or may not be related.

      • When creating solutions a number of question types are available.  What is the difference between the two types of date questions?

      Custom Date Question

      Requested Due Date


      • The HR Case has a 'Requested Due Date' that is displayed on the Actions --> Record Dates dialog.  I have searched the latest BDC image and I can't find any instances of this field being set.   'Requested Due Date' != $NULL$  What process should set this?


      • Can the answer to a solution's 'Requested Due Date' question be used to set the case's 'Requested Due Date'?
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          Fred Rickaby

          I have a follow-up issue (also possibly related).  When submitting a request from a solution in MyIT that has Date type questions, the questions appear and can be answered.  However, these date questions and answers do not appear in Request Details section (MyIT).  They also do not appear on the resulting HR Case.  I've tested this on an existing solution (Time Off for Training) and solutions that I have created. 


          Ref. BDC image: Remedy ITSM 9.1.01+HR Case4.7+Smart IT 1.5/MyIT 3.2+ADDM 3.2-n