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    Fail Job AI

    Jorge Jimenez

      I have the username and password defined in "security run as"








      Application Integrator CM: UCM0001 = Application Integrator CM: UCM0001


      Job failure message:


      Application Integrator CM: UCM0001 = Application Integrator CM: UCM0001 = Run as password can't be empty



      03-10-2016 17-40-10.jpg03-10-2016 17-55-50.jpg

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          Rick Westbrock

          From what I can see in the background of the first image you don't have a filed for the password defined in the Connection Profile, it seems like that is what the error is complaining about. I only see the Run As field on the profile here:

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            I was having same trouble, found this knowledge base article while submitting a ticket


            Knowledge Article 000122865


            The below workaround is only necessary if you apply Fix Pack 3 after creating an Application Integrator Job Type the requires run as user on Windows.  When creating the Job Type it should create the AI_RUNAS_PASS field for use in the Connection Profile section.  If this field isn't automatically added to the new job type, ensure that AI Fix Pack 3 has been installed on the Control-M Enterprise Manager Server and client.


            As needed, there is a workaround for this problem, as follows:



            From the AI Designer > Connection Profile > Click the "+" button for adding a new Field

            For name: AI RunAs Pass

            For Parameter Name: AI_RUNAS_PASS

            Save the Changes

            Deploy the job type

            Open the Control-M Configuration Manager (CCM) > AI Job Type Connection Profile Management

            Enter the RunAs user's password