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    Adding Challenge Questions

    Fred Rickaby
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      A company may have a existing data set that contains values suitable for use as Challenge Question responses (e.g. DoB, National ID, phone number)


      1. Is there a way to import Challenge Questions and Responses into COL:CORE:People_Challenge_Questions?
      2. Is there any other method that does not require these entries to be made manually, one-by-one?
      3. Is there a way to allow end-users (the employees) to enter their own challenge questions and responses (e.g. via MyIT)?


      I see this applying to almost every company large enough to need HR Case Management and would be beneficial in that it could decrease implementation time and make for more sucessfull roll-outs.


      Please reference: Adding challenge questions - BMC HR Case Management 4.7 - BMC Documentation

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          For #1 and #2, you can use any method supported by AR to import challenge questions into nto COL:CORE:People_Challenge_Questions. AR APIs (Java, C, REST, Webservices), ARX files and others.


          For #3, starting from version 4.6, HRCM includes a MyIT service request catalog item to define challenge questions by end-users. I believe it is called "My challenge questions"




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            Fred Rickaby

            Hello Shlomi Afia Gonen


            Thank you for your reply.  I can see that Remedy Import is a solution for #1, however the (impressive) hierarchial data structure of HR Case means that the import data set may be a little tricky to compile.  We'll need to have the company and people already loaded in the system and export the key values from each form in order to create the import file.  Do you have any guidance on the minimum import data set?  E.g. If we specify the 'Company Name', will the import process set the 'Parent_Key' or visa-versa?


            I have tried #3.  The solution does allow an individual question & response to be submitted as a case.  This will be useful in some cases: single additions or corrections.  However, it is not really suitable for entering the bulk of challenge data into the system.   The HR service desk agents must process the case and still manually add the challenge details to the person's record.


            Kind regards, Fred

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              I don't think so. I agree that this may not be easy since you will need to maintain the hierarchical structure between the objects, and that we can make the import process more straightforward.