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    Discover job for NFS server entry in /etc/fstab...?

    Sae Park

      This should be a very simple thing to do, but for the life of me, I can't come up with a good solution for this.


      We have 2 NAS appliances that will be replaced soon.

      Each NAS device have about 325 shares that are being exported.


      I want to create a discover condition that looks for a specific share on all of our Linux / Unix servers.


      So far, I created a Component Template with a local property and created instances for all the NFS share from 1 of the NAS devices.

      Initially, I thought I would look for something like configuration file entry:/etc/fstab//NASa:/some/share, but that didn't work as it seems configuration file keys off of mount point, rather than the device.

      So I did something like "command:grep -i nfs /etc/fstab | awk '{print $1}'".StringList contains ??parameterName?? but it takes really long time to discover as it basically executes grep 325 times on 1 server x 4000 Unix/Linux servers


      As we need to migrate a share or set of shares at a time, I really need to discover all the servers that have NFS mounted from any of the NFS devices as well as what shares are mounted on them.

      Any help?


      Thanks in advance!