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    Is RHEL 7 server required to subscribe and download RHEL 7 patches?

    Naveen Anne

      I have to setup RHEL 7 patching at a customer site.

      However, the linux patch repo server is RHEL V6.


      Going through the steps here: https://docs.bmc.com/docs/display/bsa88/Creating+a+patch+catalog

      One of the step says:

      1. On your RHEL 7 server, navigate to the /etc/rhsm/ca/ and copy the CA certificate file (redhat-uep.pem) to the same directory as the client-key.pem and client-cert.pem files.

      Does that mean I need a RHEL 7 server to download RHEL 7 patches ? OR can I use a RHEL 6 server to register, subscribe and download the RHEL 7 patches?