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    Windows Server Level Patch Exclusions Extended Object

    Cody Dean

      With the upcoming change to Microsoft Patching, I wanted the ability to examine the patch exclusions on servers (right click a server, "Exclude Patch List") but there wasn't an easy way to do this without clicking on each server.


      Our environment:

      BSA 8.8

      MSSQL Database


      Here is the process I created (*I am not to be held responsible if this breaks anything*):

      1. Execute the attached "SeverExcludes.sql" (obviously backup your database, test in non-prod, ect).  This will create a view in SQL that includes the exclusions.
      2. I gave the BladeLogicRSCD user read rights over the view, allowing me to create an extended object.  Make sure your DBA knows how to secure it so the user only has rights to that view for security reasons.
      3. Create a Central Execution Windows Extended Object with the following with CSV Grammar:
      Command / Script *
      nexec MSSQLSERVER cmd /c sqlcmd -s "," -h -1 -W -Q "set nocount on;SELECT [value],[bulletin_id],[kburl] FROM [bladelogic].[dbo].[ServerPatchExcludes] WHERE name='??TARGET.NAME??'"


      This creates an extended object that resembles the following:

      I found it useful and thought I would share.  Let me know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.


      Thank You,

      Cody Dean