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    BSA: 8.7 P2, Health Dashboard, DB Server, Historical Run Cleanup Metric

    Chad Wadkins

      I have created the daily and weekly jobs as outlined in the following document:

      Example cleanup plan for large operational environments - BMC Server Automation 8.7 - BMC Documentation


      And the jobs are running successfully both daily and weekly.


      When viewing the Health Dashboard though, it shows that the Historical Run Cleanup has not run since the last run of the weekly batch job and does not seem to register anything from the daily jobs, even with them running successfully.


      My questions are:


      What value in the database is the Health Dashboard using as its measure when the Historical Run Cleanup was last executed?


      And which job in the weekly batch updates that value that the daily batch is not?


      If more information is needed to clarify the above, please, let me know.


      Thanks in advance for any help with this,


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