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    Error code 200 when browsing Services on Windows using restricted read-only role

    Yanick Girouard

      I'm trying to setup a read-only role that only has read access to pretty much everything on a server, with the addition of being able to run informative nsh commands. Everything seems fine except that I can't browse services on Windows servers using that role (but it works as BLAdmins) and I get this error:




      I've seen the other post regarding the font cache, but that doesn't seem to be it since it works with other roles that have write access.


      This is the effective access of the role on the target (from the ACL Summary page):


      WindowsMonitoring    Server.Read    WindowsMonitoring

      WindowsMonitoring    Server.Browse    WindowsMonitoring


      The role is set to Read-Only (in role settings).


      Is there an auth I'm missing? I'm able to browse everything else.