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    Modify Action / Email default

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      Hi All,


      I have a question that is quite similar to this one : https://communities.bmc.com/thread/124510?q=Modify%20Action%20/%20Email%20default


      When we want to send an email from Action / Email, only the incident number is populated in subject and not summary.


      I see that it's not possible to make configuration on the body, I suspect I can't modify the subject too? (I have tested using templ


      Record link for BMC Remedyforce user: https://edenred--remedydev--bmcservicedesk.cs83.visual.force.com/apex/BMCServiceDesk__RemedyforceConsole?record_id=a2g4E0000004cTEQAY&objectName=Incident__c

      Record link for Self Service Client: https://test.salesforce.com?startURL=/apex/bmcservicedesk__ssredirect?inc=a2g4E0000004cTEQAY&iscalledFromEmail=true




      Important: Do not change the subject line while replying.