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    Approval Notification is not working for Custom Approval in SRD

    Saurabh Maheshwari
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      Hi Experts,


      I have configured custom approval for one request using new Approval chain, approval process and approval. Now when i am creating the request then custom approval is working fine but approval mail notification is not going to the approver.


      After initial troubleshooting when comparing with the default working notification, i have found that filter INT:SOCAPR:ParseApproverInfo_SendToSocial_CG(running on AP:Detail-Signature form ) is not setting the approver value intzTmpDoesitExist field. So basically this filter is not working in custom approval case.

      the definition of this filter is 


      ('Approvers' != $NULL$) AND ('Approval Status' = "Pending") AND ('DB.Approval Status' != "Rejected") AND ('DB.Approval Status' != "Approved") AND ('DB.Approval Status' != "Hold") AND ('DB.Approval Status' != "More Information") AND ('DB.Approval Status' != "Cancelled") AND ('DB.Approval Status' != "Error") AND ('DB.Approval Status' != "Closed")


      set zTmpDoesitExist = $Approver$


      I have also checked this qualification in AP:Detail-Signature form but it looks fine.

      Please suggest me how can i resolve this issue.