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    Challenges to delete a Patch Catalog

    Rajesh Kumar

      I tried to delete a RedHat Patch Catalog, but I received an Access Denied for a specific RPM. I was connected with BLAdmins role. There are no dependent jobs to this catalog.



      I tried the Patch Catalog Utility script as in Patch Catalog Utility Script , but still no luck.


      xrxdallin008# nsh catalogUtility.nsh -m deleteCatalogObjects -s false -e RED_HAT_CATALOG_GROUP -c "/Patch Catalog/RedHat/Global RedHat 5/RHEL5 64 bit(Cobbler)"

      [Tue Sep 20 09:03:09 CDT 2016] [INFO] Opening connection to BladeLogic

      [Tue Sep 20 09:03:16 CDT 2016] [INFO] Deleting /Patch Catalog/RedHat/Global RedHat 5/RHEL5 64 bit(Cobbler)/libgpg-error-devel-1.4-2.i386.rpm...

      [Tue Sep 20 09:03:16 CDT 2016] [ERROR]  Access Denied LinuxSoftware.Delete on libgpg-error-devel-1.4-2.i386.rpm



      Our Infra is in 8.6 Sp1. Any ideas Pls.