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    Unable to update Remote Host Authentication Status for PsExec protocol

    Suryakant Sapkal

      Hi All,


      I am installing RSCD agent version on some windows servers by using Unified agent Installer.

      As a part of prerequisite configuration I have installed PsExec(version 2.11) on Windows server (on application server)

      and also created Automation principle, Remote Host Authentication etc.


      PsExec installation path has been set to "C:\Program Files\BMC Software\BladeLogic\RSCD".


      On next step when I update Remote Host Authentication properties(Configuration-->Infrastructure Management ), am getting below error.


      Name:Win64 Unified Agent Installer_1

      Description:Generated by Unified Agent Installer

      Command Execution Protocol:PSEXEC

      PsExec Server:

      Maximum Execution Parallelism:20

      Automation Principal:Win64 Unified Agent Installer_1



      Command: blpsexec -s localhost -c -? on host: returned no stderr.


      System Details :


      Application server :Windows 2008

      Database              : 11G R2


      Note : Application and PsExec servers are configured on same host(server).


      Expecting your expert comments on this issue. Thank you in advance!!