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    New feature coming in FACT version 1.5 - Post environment move

    Nicolas Roome
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      Hi guys, we will be releasing version 1.5 of our FACT tool in a few months and we are working on a new feature for it that I would like to gather some thoughts from the community on.


      What we are working on is a "post environment move tasks" feature.


      Today, if you want to move/copy an environment, such as copying Prod to Dev, you have to do so by following the BMC KBs (copying the db, copying conf/repo and making slight changes) but that is where it generally ends. However there are usually a lot of extra tasks that need to be performed: Changing your emails from prod to dev. Changing the server's baseURL. Maybe disabling notification rules.


      I've got a pretty good list of functionality so far, but I'd like to ask the community what are some other routine tasks you do post-environment move in FootPrints.


      Here is the list of functions I've already developed:


      - Update Incoming Email accounts

      - Update global send filters

      - Update Notification Email accounts

      - Update global receive filters

      - Update Notification Email "from" fields

      - Update server URL

      - Update repository location

      - Update BCM integration

      - Prompt to disable Notification Business Rules


      There are a few others I've still yet to add such as disabling LDAP Auth and Exchange Sync