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    BSA 8.8 Database Cleanup

    Jens Heilmann



      my Environment:


      BSA 8.8

      Oracle 12c

      Redhat 7.2


      I use the cleanup definitions from the documentation.

      I will delete all Audit Trail Entries there are older then 7 days for all roles.

      My Problem:


      The BLCLI-Command blcli Delete cleanupHistoricalData, where i can define the retentiontime, can not run without a definition for the argument roleName.




      Retention time in days, if applicable. The minimum retention time is 3 days.



      Maximum duration for the operation in minutes.



      Delete objects limited to a specific role, if applicable.


      But i will delete all Audit Entries with a retentiontime 7 for all roles. In BSA 8.5 i can set the roleName to NULL. But in BSA 8.8 i can not set the roleName to NULL. I must define a roleName like BLAdmins.


      What can i do to delete all Autdit Entries with a retentiontimeof  7 days for all roles ?




      Jens Heilmann