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    Error when running Atrium Integrator custom job from the Atrium Integrator Console

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      I have created a spoon job to move some CIs from CMDB on one AR server (Remedy AR V 9.1) to another CMDB on AR server with (Remedy AR V 8)

      Job is created on the Remedy 9.1 server side

      the job runs perfectly on the spoon client however I'm getting an error when I run it from the Atrium Integrator console (I can only schedule the job in there)


      Error Message : BMCATRIUM_NGIE000104: Failed to start NGIE job. (Error Details attached)


      I made sure that the below exists on the AR server running the job (The one with Remedy 9.1)


      - Form UDM:Config has an entry for each server with the below details


      Atrium Integrator Engine Server Name = the server Alias name (AR server short name)

      Host = Server FQDN as mentioned in the ARMonitor.cfg file

      Port = 20000 as mentioned in the ARMonitor.cfg file


      -Form UDM:RAppPassword has 2 entries for each server one with the short name and another with the full FQDN name using the Remedy Application Service Password for both the entries of each server

      - I can open the remedy 8 carte server on port 20000 from the mid tier server of the remedy 9.1 without issues

      - when opening the Remedy 9.1 carte server page the job is not showing in there though the logging is enabled and there are logs existing on the below forms

      1- UDM:JobLog with the job logs

      2- UDM:JobEntryLog with the job entry logs

      3- UDM:TransformationLog with the transformations logs

      4- UDM:StepLog with the steps logs


      I am attaching the error full details along with the arjavaplugin log file (AR)


      Any help would be appreciated since I have been searching the communities and the articles for a long time now