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    BSA console issue

    Vipul Pawaskar



      We are facing issue that bsa console is not able to establish connection with app server. PFA screenshot. We have checked ports and it is opened.




      Below is the scenario :-

      We have installed console in our desktop which is in one domain and app server is in other domain. Console is trying to establish a connection with app server over the NAT IP (internet) i.e we are using NAT IP in the console profile but due to some reason console is not able to make a connection with app server.


      Any help would be appreciated.




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          Bill Robinson

          We have checked ports and it is opened.

          -> great, what ports did you check?  open from where to where ?


          how is the NAT setup ?


          anything in the appserver log when this happens?


          can you use blcred to authenticate and then run:

          blcred cred -list and show the output ?