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    Blade Logic - CIS Template Development

      Hi everyone,


      I am new to Blade Logic and have been assigned the task of scanning a clients Windows 2012R2 Servers with the CIS templates that are bundled with Blade Logic in order to assure compliance.


      The problem that I have is that the current templates within the tool only go to version 1.1 of this benchmark, and we are wanting to scan them to version 2.2 which is only a few months old


      I have performed a manual Gap Analysis and found there are about 40  compliance checks that will need to be produced.


      I'm not sure, but I believe that if we simply scan a Windows 2012R2 Server using Blade Logic we will probably only get a report that advises what patches have been installed.  A large part of the CIS benchmark involves hardening the system registry,  so in this respect I'm not sure if we will end up with any useable data.


      Can anyone recommend any options? or know a consultancy that could assist with this task ?


      Thanks in Advance,