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    MainView AutoOperations Rule not Triggering

    Chris Forzaglia
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      I have two rules that I am trying to get to work together:

      IST2323E ENA IST2323E         MSG

      IST2325I ENA IST2325I         MSG

      One rule, IST2323E, fires fine and generates a Display Command (D NET,EE,LIST=EEVERIFY)

      The second rule, IST2325I is supposed to see a result of the Display Command and fire a Second Command from a Parse of the Display Net Command:


      First rule's D NET command generates this output:

        IST2325I LINE L2EE001 PU C0MI1 ON 09/06/16 AT 01:11:03              

      The second rule is not seeing this output, but if it did it would issue a follow-up command of:

        D NET,E,ID=C0MI1 {Value of word five in the IST2325I message is C0MI1 in this example}

      The logic works, but it will NOT see the output of the first command ?!?!?!

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          Hi Chris,


          I see no reason this should not work.    I am unable to duplicate what you are doing exactly, but I did build one rule that was triggered by a message.    It issued an MVS command and I triggered a second rule based on the output of that MVS command.


          Are all your rules in the same RULESET?

          Could you provide a screen shot or copy and paste of the console messages and the output of your DISPLAY LIST= command?

          Could you provide a screen shot of copy and paste of the rule definition screens especially the S1 screen Selection Criteria?




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            Chris Forzaglia

            Both rules are in Ruleset AAORULSY (Strategy = First)

            ___ IST2323E ENA IST2323E        MSG

            ___ IST2325I ENA IST2325I        MSG


            The Display returns this to the syslog:
            D NET,EE,LIST=EEVERIFY                                             
            IST097I DISPLAY
            IST350I DISPLAY TYPE = EE                                           

            IST1685I TCP/IP JOB NAME = TCPIP02                                 


            IST2004I LIVTIME = (25,0)    SRQTIME =  15  SRQRETRY =    9     

            IST2005I IPRESOLV =   0                                           

            IST2231I CURRENT HPR CLOCK RATE = STANDARD                         

            IST924I -------------------------------------------------------------          
            IST2006I PORT PRIORITY =  SIGNAL 
            NETWORK    HIGH  MEDIUM     LOW

            IST2007I IPPORT NUMBER =  12000     12001    12002    12003  12004

            IST2008I IPTOS VALUE  =     C0         C0      80       40      20

            IST924I -------------------------------------------------------------


            IST2325I LINE L2EE001 PU C0MI1 ON 09/06/16 AT 01:11:03             


            IST2017I TOTAL RTP PIPES =         27    LU-LU SESSIONS =        33

            IST2018I TOTAL ACTIVE PREDEFINED EE CONNECTIONS         =          7

            IST2019I TOTAL ACTIVE LOCAL  VRN EE CONNECTIONS         =          0

            IST2020I TOTAL ACTIVE GLOBAL VRN EE CONNECTIONS         =          0

            IST2021I TOTAL ACTIVE EE CONNECTIONS =          7


            Rule 1:

                   Rule-set === AAORULSY             Rule-id  === IST2323E           

            Text Description:                                                        

            Text ID     ===> IST2323E                Ignore leading plus ==>         

            Text String (Enter Below):                                               


            Issuer Identification:                                                   

            Job name    ===> VTAM02                            Name of issuer        

            Type        ===> STC                               (JOB, STC, or TSO)   


            Display at dest. ===> YES       Journal ===>  
            * EXEC Name/Parms ==> EMLNTWK                 
            * Cmd(Type MVS ) ===> D NET,EE,LIST=EEVERIFY  


            Rule 2:

                   Rule-set === AAORULSY             Rule-id  === IST2325I       

            Text Description:                                                    

            Text ID     ===> IST2325I                Ignore leading plus ==>     

            Text String (Enter Below):                                           

            IST2325I LINE**                                                      

            Issuer Identification:                                               

            Job name    ===>                                   Name of issuer    

            Type        ===>                                   (JOB, STC, or TSO)


            Display at dest. ===> YES       Journal ===>
            * EXEC Name/Parms ==> EMLNTWK               
            * Cmd(Type MVS ) ===> D NET,E,ID=&WORD5     

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              The problem you are having is the DISPLAY NET command results in a multi-line WTO.


              So you need to code your second rule a bit differently.    I think the message you are trying to trap is on LINE14.


              So on the S1 screen you have to specify the first message of the MLWTO and code SINGLE (you can use PF1 to read about what that parm means later).


              Text Description:

              Text ID     ===> IST350I

              Text String (Enter Below):



              Issuer Identification:

              Job name    ===>

              Type        ===>

              Jobclass    ===>

              Acct Info   ===>

              RACF User   ===>

              RACF Group  ===>

              Route Codes ===>

              Desc Codes  ===>

              Console Name ==>

              MLWTO Minor ===> SINGLE



              Then on the SV screen you can look for that second message and any specific word of that line if you need to:



              Variable-name                    Op  Variable-Value                      AND



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                Seems my reply was cut off, so here is the SV screen context:


                Then on the SV screen you can look for that second message and
                any specific word of that line if you need to:




                LINE2_WORD1_____________________ EQ    IST2325I___________________________  AND

                LINE2_WORD2_____________________ EQ    LINE_______________________________  ___

                ________________________________ __
                ___________________________________  ___


                Finally your command would have to use the LINE2_WORD5 to pull
                the variable you want for the second command.



                To tell that you are dealing with a MLWTO look at the SYSLOG for the RECORD TYPE in the first column, an M is the start of a multi-line WTO, D are additional lines, and the E marks the end of the multi-line WTO.

                N 0000000 BMCA     16260 06:30:38.69 TSU83430 40000210  IEA630I  OPERATOR MKTFMN   NOW ACTIVE,   SYSTEM=BMCA    , LU=BMCA0014
                NC0000000 BMCA     16260 06:30:38.70 MKTFMN   40000210  D NET,ID=BMCA                                                        
                NR0000000 BMCA     16260 06:30:38.70 STC76453 40000010  IST097I DISPLAY ACCEPTED                                             
                MR0000000 BMCA     16260 06:30:38.70 STC76453 40000010  IST075I NAME = USBMCN01.BMCA, TYPE = APPL 721                        
                DR                                        721 40000010  IST486I STATUS= CONCT, DESIRED STATE= CONCT                          
                DR                                        721 40000010  IST1447I REGISTRATION TYPE = CDSERVR                                 
                DR                                        721 40000010  IST977I MDLTAB=***NA*** ASLTAB=***NA***      

                ER                                        721 40000010  IST314I END                        

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                  Chris Forzaglia

                  Thanks Fred.  I will test this a bit and see what I can come up with.  I’m wondering if all the ‘D’ Lines are considered one ‘second’ line since your example said LINE2 but you mentioned Line 14 also.  I’ll figure that out probably now that I understand the MLWTO/‘Single’ issue.  I’ll keep ya posted!

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                    Chris Forzaglia

                    Got it!  I actually used the ALL option instead of the SINGLE one.  ALL combined the entire message and line 14 was what I needed.

                    It looks like SINGLE makes each Minor Line a subset (or Line 2) of the Major line maybe?  Anyway, thanks again for your help.  You're the best!

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                      You are very welcome!    Have a great weekend!    


                      And your understanding of ALL and SINGLE is correct.   Single loads each subsequent line of the MLWTO into LINE2_WORDx for evaluation.   ALL gives you LINE1_WORDx, LINE2_WORDx, LINE3_WORDx, etc.