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    TSOM 10.x Event forwarding to 3rd party tool

    Abhishek Danej

      Hi all,


      Wanted to understand what are the available options in TSOM 10.x to forward cell Events to another custom application.

      1. I know mquery is one way to extract event data. One approach which comes to my mind is to write a script to run mquery with particular parameters on a frequency, then parse needed event slots from output of mquery and use that information to process further. But I feel this is bit rudimentary way to do it.
      2. Another option could be to run an automatically run an external action on cell event. For example, running an external action mrl and call a perl/java/windows script with event slots as arguments and then write to file or do xyz from the script.


      Hoping to learn how others have done this? Is there any standard or best-practice way (some gateway to do this?) to go about this. Thanks.