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    blcli: getJobManagerStatus for one application server

    Bryan Woolsey

      Hi all,


      Is it possible to get the currently running jobs on a specific application server?


      I'm working on a script for an 8-application server environment that will enable us to install updates to the servers with minimum downtime to the environment.  To achieve this, I hope to pausing the jobs on a specific server (pauseJobsByServer), waiting for currently running jobs on that server to complete, and then proceed with installing the updates & rebooting the server as necessary.


      The built-in BLCLI commands related to job management (https://docs.bmc.com/docs/display/public/bsacli86/JobManagement) allow you to query the currently running jobs, but there is no way that I can see to differentiate between the different application servers.  Is there a way to run these commands only on a specific application server and not the environment as a whole?  Or is there any other way to see a list of currently running jobs that would be accessible from an NSH script?