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    Sync ITSM to HR Case People overwrites unmapped fields

    Fred Rickaby
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      The following list of fields on COL:CORE:People are set to NULL when the ITSM to HR Case people sync runs.  These fields are not mapped from CTM:People.  The result is that an HR Admin can update these fields with values in HR Case Management, only to have them set back to NULL the next time the person't record is synchronised.  There may be others, but these are the one's I've found that behave as described.


      • Suffix
      • Preferred Name
      • Site
      • Manager Name
      • Home Mobile Phone
      • 8 x Address Fields
      • Employee ID
      • Salutation


      The values for 'Salutation' are different on the two forms, so a direct mapping is not possible.  There are no CTM:People equivalents for 'Home Mobile Phone' and 'Suffix'.  However, there are possible mappings for the others.  Therefore, it would be ideal if they could be mapped with the other fields.  In none of these cases, however, should HR Case data be lost due to the synchronisation process.


      This is based on hte BDC image: Remedy ITSM 9.1.01+HR Case4.7+Smart IT 1.5/MyIT 3.2+ADDM 3.2