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    Trying to run a blcli command to run VGJ after being created from XML and wait until it completes.

    Rod Potter

      I have tried which runs the job fine however i do not know when the job has completed.

           JOB_RESULT=`blcli Virtualization createVirtualGuest //bsa-fs-01/d/Provisioning/vmprov_UTF-8_testing.xml`

           JOB_KEY=`echo $JOB_RESULT | cut -d' ' -f14`

           blcli Job execute $JOB_KEY


      When i try to do

           blcli Job executeJobAndWait $JOB_KEY

      it will not start and errors out.

      Error09/13/2016 16:01:28Unknown command : name space = 'Job', command = 'executeJobAndWait'.com.bladelogic.om.infra.cli.factory.CommandNotFoundException: R: Cannot find command : Job, executeJobAndWait


      Is there a way to kick off the job and track the job to completion?