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    Batch job doesn't see BLDeploy reboot property value: By End of job

    Justan Suss



      I have some deploy jobs, each with 1 BL package within it, and each BL Package has 'By end Of Job'. I use these jobs independently and they work exactly as I like.


      I now have a need to deploy a few of these jobs to a group of servers and I'd like to just include these jobs in a batch job and execute that batch job. Problem is.


      Deploy 1 job launches -> Reboots server and during the reboot, job 2 fails.


      Ideally, I'd rather only reboot once, after the batch job completes. Anyone else come across this and figure out a solution other than setting up different packages or jobs ? I'd rather take advantage of this central management and not have multiple copies of BL Packages / jobs just for the sake of being able to leverage running multiple jobs here and there.