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    AO-ITSM Integration requirements

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      AO Experts,


      We are trying to integrate AO with ITSM modules. But when we are trying to create, get WorkOrders, it always gets terminated the below error message.

      Can you please help in fixing this issue? Also, please confirm if there is any configuration required form ITSM side too?


      [adapter response=






              <error>Error occured performing remedy action: Message[summary=Error occurred while querying for field IDs on Remedy schema 'WOI:WorkOrderInterface'., detail='Message[summary=Error occurred while executing query '''="WO0000000015522"' on Remedy schema 'WOI:WorkOrderInterface'., detail='Message[summary=Exception occured in Adapter 'ITSM Dev Actor'., detail=Remedy exception: '[Type=2][Num=1587][Text=Unknown field referenced in query line][AppendedText= at position 0 ( '' )]']']']</error>





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          Deepak Bhola

          It seems the field ID is not specified in query, can you paste the adapter request here and which workflow process you are using for this operation? You can use get schema process to retrieve the filed name and IDs of that form and same id can be used for query operation. 

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            Get Work Orders is the Workflow process used. Please find the below adapter request details.

            We had tried with schema details too. But, no luck.


            [TEXT=Adapter request]

            [adapter request=






                  <field>Work Order ID</field>





                  <field>Location Company</field>

                  <field>Customer Last Name</field>

                  <field>Customer First Name</field>

                  <field>Customer Organization</field>

                  <field>Customer Phone Number</field>

                  <field>Customer Department</field>

                  <field>Customer Company</field>


                  <field>Support Organization</field>

                  <field>Support Group Name</field>

                  <field>Detailed Description</field>



                  <field>Status Reason</field>


                  <field>First Name</field>

                  <field>Last Name</field>

                  <field>Phone Number</field>

                  <field>Work Order Type</field>

                  <field>Product Name (2)</field>

                  <field>Product Model/Version (2)</field>







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              Richard De Vries

              I see a couple of things that appear to be incorrect.


              1) use Schema: WOI:WorkOrder and not WOI:WorkOrderInterface


              2) your query doesn't have a field qualifier.


              Change:   <query>''="WO0000000015522"</query>  just won't work.


              To:            <query>'Work Order ID'="WO0000000015522"</query>



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                Deepak Bhola

                It seems the query is not formed correctly, can you share the input provided for this process? I think you are trying to get the work order of given single work order ID, can you try "Get Work Order by Work Order ID" workflow process instead of Get Work Orders?

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                  Yes Deepak,

                  I was able to get the results using "Get Work Order by Work Order ID" workflow process. Now, I will try to submit WorkOrder and check my actual requirement.

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                    Aryan Anantwar

                    Hi Santhosh,


                    No configuration required in ITSM as the flow is from BAO to ITSM.

                    share your adapter request, it seems the fields you used to query are not present on WOI:WorkOrderInterface form.



                    Aryan Anantwar

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                      Thanks a lot, Deepak. I was able to submit WO now.

                      The issue was actually with the location field in the XML file passing to create WO. I have got the correct location value from the results of "Get Work Order by Work Order ID".


                      <location-company xmlns="">Broadridge Financial Solutions</location-company>

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                        Yes Aryan, I have got the correct fields/values now.