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    ADDM mail.send

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      I have setup an SMTP to my addm and configured baseline settings to receive emails on various statuses. but till now i haven't received any email. i presume i've setup mail configuration correctly.


      could someone please advise a method to verify manually if my smtp is working fine to send emails to the configured email recipients??

      how to send emails manually through ADDM?

      how to use mail.send function in ADDM?



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          Brice-Emmanuel Loiseaux

          Searching this community I found Re: Send tw_query report as csv attachment by mail.

          Likely other interesting posts exist.

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            Bob Anderson

            By configuring the baseline, I assume you’ve done the following (screen shots from pre-release 4)



            Selected Send Email for appropriate levels and have a baseline message at one of the selected levels?



            And put your email address in here



            Also, do you have the appropriate Search Domains and Name Servers configured here:



            If you don’t have the appropriate Appliance -> Configuration -> Name Resolution set, do you have appropriate entries in /etc/hosts to be able to resolve the address of your SMPT server in your example?





            Can you ping the SMTP server from the appliance?

            Does your SMTP server require a password?

            Does your SMTP server have your appliance ‘White-listed’ to be able to send email?


            NOTE: Baseline emails are sent:  (only if the send email levels are met)

            once per hour at 15 minutes past the hour

            if a manual baseline check is run

            appliance is rebooted

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              JAYENDRA SAXENA

              Hi Bob,


              Could you please suggest how can i send email after each discovery run along with attachment of Success, skipped, No access Hosts.

              Is it supported, or we need to use Mail function to do that.


              Please respond.