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    How to enable specific property to be "Used in reports"

    Stanislav Rupec

      Hello all,

      as we need report all depot objects and their location on our fileserver I went to Property Dictionary > Built-in property classes > Depot Objects and there is propertz LOCATION* which I want in the report. When I want to edit it I can´t mark it as Used in reports. All option are just grey-out not even lower level for example Property Dictionary > Built-in property classes > Depot Objects> NSH Script> LOCATION*

      I tried to edit it under BLAdmins role and also under other admin roles (GlobalReportAdmins.RBAC) but still can´t change it.

      Is there some hidden inheritance or anything else? Please can you help me in this?

      Thank you in advance for any help!

      Stanislav Rupec


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