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    [BSA] - Connecting to BSA from VMware VRO

    Yann Michalak

      Hello Guyz :-)


      We try to connect Vro 6.0.3 with BMC BSA (8.7) SOAP WebServices.


      We have added all SOAP WebServices :


      - https://VIP-BSA:9843/services/LoginService?wsdl

      - https://VIP-BSA:9843/services/AssumeRoleService?wsdl

      - https://VIP-BSA:9843/services/BSACLITunnelService?wsdl

      - https://VIP-BSA:9843/services/RESTRequestService?wsdl


      Now, after we have generated a new workflow from a SOAP operation for LoginService we encountered this error :


      Unrecognized parameter name: serviceUrls[1] (Dynamic Script Module name : processOutParameters#6)



      Any help is welcome