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    Failed to send metrics to collector

    Prakash Vasudevarao

      We are having issues in sending metrics from App Visibility agents to the App Visibility collector. We have installed collector 10.5 on its own hosts (active - standby) and it is behind load balancer. The App Visibility Portal 10.5 is installed on its own hosts (active - standby) and it is behind load balancer. The agents can communicate to the App Visibility Portal via load balancer fine. However, the agents can't sent data to the collector via load balancer but agents can communicate fine with the collector load balancer:


      Following is the error from aps_agent.log:


      2016/09/01 15:05:00:282 MDT [WARN] com.bmc.aps.agent.net.RestClient - Thread[AGENT CollectorBuffer Thread,5,main]1556350196 - Cannot send rest request to url 'https://apavc.infra:443/collector/rest/metrics'. <java.io.IOException: Error writing to server> java.io.IOException: Error writing to server.


      All the agents have been applied with Java 2 security permissions for write access to the application server computer (for log entries), and API access to various application interfaces to collect diagnostic information.


      Please let me know the probable cause of this issue.


      Thanks, Prakash