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    TKU August 2016 releases are available

    Jean Louis Deshairs
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      TKU August 2016 releases are now GA!


      * TKU August 2016 supports new Oracle Exalogic, IBM InfoSphere Streams, BMC Remedy Migrator, Kubernetes, Flannel, and Etcd software products.

      For BMC Discovery version 11 users have been udpated the following patterns: Oracle VM, Oracle WebLogic and added a new pattern for Kubernetes product. Please visit the TKU Cluster Awareness page to see the full list of supported technologies.

      Important update:

      -The Command/File matrix file is going forward attached to the Configipedia page of each TKU release. It is not available on EPD anymore. Please review the new format of the file and the documentation here, and download the file directly from here.


      * TKU August 2016 release comes with 8 new Network Device definitions for several major vendors: Cisco, HP, Brocade, Checkpoint, and Extreme Networks.

      Please visit the TKU August 2016 Network Device Definitions page for details.


      For more information about this release overall please visit the TKU August 2016 page.


      * Extended Data Pack update

      Since TKU July 2016 BMC Discovery now automatically links to National Vulnerability Database. This is used by security operations to identify dependencies associated to vulnerabilities identified using vulnerability management solutions. To know more about this feature please visit the Configipedia National Vulnerability Database page. We have dramatically enhanced our coverage in this release.


      * TKU Storage August 2016 release.

      We have enhanced our documentation for Hitachi storage systems with detailed pre-requisites sections for non G-Series and G-Series systems and added a troubleshooting section for the G-Series. Please read carefully the new information now available on these two pages:

      Hitachi Storage Systems - Configipedia - BMC Documentation

      Hitachi VSP G-Series Storage Systems - Configipedia - BMC Documentation


      Please visit the Storage Systems Release notes and Notices page for details about the general fixes we have addressed in this release.


      * OSU August 2016 Release: The RHEL 6 OS upgrade contains the applicable Red Hat packages until August 19, 2016. The latest RHEL 6 OS upgrade file (for the 64 bit architecture only) is ADDM_OS_Upgrade_64_6.16.08.19_644219_ga.sh.gz. See more details on this release here.


      All above releases are ready for download on EPD.