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    Duplicate Items in SCAP Compliance

    Edwin Lindeman

      I haven't run SCAP content outside this current of BSA Version were on which is 8.7.  Currently running Scap 1.2 for rhel 6 and rhel 7.  Everything seems to be going well however I'm noticing a large amount of not checked items.  When going through the results via the BSA Console I see that 118 pass , 178 failed and about 353 Not checked.




      When i was going through the rules i noticed there are a lot of duplicate items.  You'll see that one rule will have two entries, one of the entries passed and other entry "not checked"




      My question to the community is , is that by designed? Is the rule being checked more than once?  I'm just trying to get a better understanding and if running a BDSSA report will clear this up?


      Thank you