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    Jobs that has not run for over a month.

    Ankit Patel

      how we can create report or job list which never run last 30 days .


      so according to that list we want to clean our environment .

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          Ankit Patel

          I figure out something , might be helpful for other ,

          The Control-M/Server will keep statistics of jobs which have run, but keeping the JOBNAME, FILE_NAME and FILE_PATH (not the folder name). We will have to assume the folder name from this, and we will also not have data on jobs which have NOT run. You can get this information with the command:

          ctmstats -LIST "*"

          Anything with a timestamp of >1yr has not run in the last year. The JOBNAME is truncated here, but we can also pull this information directly from the database's CMR_STATIS table. This may not be appropriate for your situation, as this is reporting only jobs that have run in the past, not inclusive of dummy jobs or jobs that have never been run. It will also report ad-hoc jobs; not
          having the folder, it would be possible to confuse these ad-hoc jobs with regularly scheduled jobs. Additionally, if you have jobs with the same JOBNAME/FILE_NAME/FILE_PATH in multiple folders, you won't be able to differentiate between them.

          Another alternative is to run the EM execution report for a date range (MAX 90 days) and compare this with an EM defintions report. The main issue is here the maximum of 90 days date range.