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    Diff btw Communicating hosts and Observed Communication - Host View

    Rajat Jain
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      Hello Everyone,


      We have 2 parameters for a Host in ADDM. One if "Communicating Hosts" under general details and another is "Observed Communication - Host View" under visualization.


      I have observed that "Communicating Hosts" field always has more number of server names than "Observed Communication - Host View". However I believe earlier that both field are same and represents the servers which are communicating with source Host.


      Also, I observed that under Network Connections -> Remote Address, the details of Remote Address matches "Observed Communication - Host View" field and not "Communicating Hosts".


      Can anybody, please explain the difference between the 2 fields and how ADDM calculates the field entries for the 2. It is highly required as we need to provide port and protocol for all the communicating servers to customer. This detail is present only for servers under "Observed Communication - Host View" field and not "Communicating Hosts".



      Rajat Jain