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    Audit Not Creating TrackitAudit.id File

    Wayne Sexton
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      I have a new laptop running DHCP on my network. I created a new asset in Inventory for it and when I run an audit it says it's successful. However, none of the fields in the asset record are updated and there's not TrackitAudit.id file on the laptop.


      Any ideas?

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          Cris Coffey

          If the Audit is being run from a Track-It! network share, which is probably the case, be sure that user has rights to write files into the Data sub-directory of that Track-It! share. You can also verify this by looking in the Data sub-directory to see if a new xml file is generated there when the audit is run.


          You could also show all assets in the Inventory and sort by modified date. If the audit is indeed running and storing its xml on the server successfully, chances are Track-It! created a new entry for that system and did not update the one you manually created.

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            Normally the file locates on the root of C: drive. But on some systems, the TrackItAudit.id file may be located in another location, depending on whether the user has access to write to the root of C: drive like Cris said. For example, on some Windows 7 machines, it may be found under C:\Users\%CurrentLogonUser%\AppData\Local\Virtual Store.

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              By the way, the audit XML file should be in \\%TrackitServer%\ShareFolder\Data\Baseline if the Audit run successfully, otherwise it will go into Error folder, or you can check the audmerge.log as well. Hope these information could help you.

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                I used to have a similar issue.  Try this:  run another scan.  When it completes successfully, sort all or your assets by Audit date so the most recent is at the top.  You may find another asset showing up as your laptop.  Different reasons for this happening but the most likely cause is an old asset still lingering in Track-it that has the identical IP address your laptop currently leased from DHCP.