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        Ryan Nicosia


        What issues are you having?  We've been working through our 7.6.04 to 9.1 upgrade since the spring and are ready to go-live next week.  We used accelerated upgrade path and DDM.   We had some very significant issues with AST:Attributes form that I can share offline with you if you want.


        My email:  ryan.Nicosia.ctr@socom.mil

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          Stefan Hall


          why not for everybody? Sharing knowledge and profiting from it - that's the goal of our community, isn't it?

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            Ryan Nicosia

            Mostly because everytime I try to post anything in communities from our government customer site, IE has so many restrictions that the posts don't always go through.  I actually had a very lengthy post written up last week that I spent a good hour writing and it failed to post.


            That said, maybe this reply will work.


            We had significant issues with regards to the Delta Data Migration (DDM) tool and how it populates AST:Attributes.  Out of the box, there is a bug with DDM and the qualification it uses to pull that information from your 7.6.04 system.  What it is supposed to do is limit only the things that are BMC.Asset and that have a recon ID != 0.  Unfortunately, that qualification is not in the DDM xml files out of the box.  BMC has said they have fixed this but we never got a copy.


            So, we spent about 3 months troubleshooting a nightmare of a problem where Service+ drop down on Incident and Change, submission of any service request, or browsing the asset management console crashed our SQL database.  BMC spent months trying to figure it out and could not.  Ultimately, my team on the ground found that any form, menu, or query that was leveraging AST:Attributes form was resulting in wide open table scans on 3 and 4 way joins.  Where results that should have been 100,000 rows were 17 and 18 million rows.  This resulted in TempDB growth to the point that the database ran out of allocated space and crashed.


            So, if you are working on an upgrade and using DDM to copy date from one environment to another, I would recommend reviewing some of our lessons learned below:


            -Ensure all CI's in BMC.Asset on your source environment have recon ID's != 0.  This is a huge problem if you let CI's with Recon ID = 0 into your 9.x environment

            -Update DDM xml file for CMDB to limit the stuff going into AST.Attributes to only be things from BMC.Asset where recon ID != 0

            -Review and update as needed the HPD:CustomerCIBusinessServiceONLY menu qualification.  Ours was trying to bring back way more items than what was deployed. 

            -3 way recon is a great concept but really only about 75% successful.  Ensure you have a good list of all your customizations so you can test and validate every single one after 3 way recon.  We had to re-create / re-design 25% of them

            -DDM review was a key part of our plan.  Run DDM, review logs, update, re-run.  Repeat, repeat, repeat


            There are other things we've had to do as well but some of them are just because of the customizations we have in place.



            Hope that helps somebody.



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              I am sad to say we are now stopping our upgrade to 9.1 because of serious issues with the recomended ARS hotfix.

              Hopefully SP2 will be better tested, but I am not sure whether my bosses will allow me to give it another try.


              This, along with MyIT not being included in our yearly license fee, does not make them want to not prolong the contract with BMC, so time for me to start checking out the competition

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                Frank Caruso

                Can you elaborate on the issues you are having? We have done some significant testing on SP1 and have not found anything that would stop us from upgrading.



                Thank you


                Frank Caruso

                Senior Technical Consultant


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                  Server group installation

                  ARS and Atrium v9.1.00.001 + recomended hotfix for ARS and MidTier. (Hotfix was applied to get FTS reindexing down from 7 days to 3 hours.)

                  (There is no SP1 for ARS an Atrium)

                  ITSM, SRM and SLM v9.1.01

                  Windows 2012 SP2

                  Oracle v12c


                  One of the most serious issues after applying the hotfix is that when a searching is done on a FTS-indexed field, the result is always "equal as", whether you use "=" or "!=".

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                    Evan Ruble

                    Do the platform hotfixes listed for 9.1.00 apply to 9.1.02? I see in 9.0, SPs have their own dedicated hotfix section, whereas 9.1 doesn't.



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                      Mark Walters

                      No, the 9.1.00 fixes are specific to that release.  There will be separate hotfixes for 9.1.02 at some point in the future.



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                        Evan Ruble

                        Thanks Mark. Do hotfixes exist for 9.1.01/9.1.02? If so, can they be posted on the public FTP?


                        9.1.01 dropped back in June, and since then, ARS 9.1.00 has seen 175 defect fixes (as of version 9.1.00 20161222). Not having seen any of these ported to 9.1.01 in 7 months makes me feel very uneasy about any version beyond 9.1.00.



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                          LJ LongWing


                          There is no SP1 for Remedy 9.1 Server..there was an SP1 for the apps, but not for the server itself..so if you look at the ftp site for recommended hotfixes (ftp://ftp.bmc.com/pub/ARRecommendedFixes/Server/)


                          you see


                          9.0/1/6/17, 8:22:00 AM

                          9.0SP1/1/6/17, 7:22:00 PM

                          9.1/1/6/17, 11:01:00 PM


                          9.0's latest hotfix was Mar 29 2016

                          9.0 SP1's latest hotfix was Dec 23 2016

                          9.1's latest HF was Dec 22 2016


                          So, with exception of 9.0...there have been recent hotfixes for Remedy Server...so, I expect 9.1 SP2 will be receiving hotfixes 'soon'

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                            Mark Walters

                            I don't think the first 9.1.02 hotfix has been released yet but I doubt it will be too long before it turns up.  The full SP2 release has all the 9.1.00 fixes up to shortly before it was released (allowing for QA time) and there have only been a handful of fixes since.  There is no 9.1.01 platform release - we skipped it for some reason (BMC Remedy Release Version Strings ).



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                              I was told a SP2 hotfix correcting the "!=" issue is due very soon, which will put our upgrade project back on track:)

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                                Evan Ruble

                                Thanks guys. It's starting to come back to me now. ARS dropped patch 001 at the same time ITSM dropped SP1. Seems like the second time I get fooled, it's supposed to be my fault...


                                This came up from a Mid-Tier issue I'm seeing in my 9.1.02 Dev box, that was fixed in the latest 9.1.00 hotfix. I'll look forward to seeing the fix for 9.1.02!



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                                  Stefan Hall

                                  Since last week, we're live with our ARS/Core 9.1 SP2 system (ITSM still 8.1)


                                  Unfortunately MT 9.1 SP2 do not contain all relevant fixes. It isn't at the same level like MT_9100_2017JAN10_CU_ALL_Readme.htm and includes some new issues. For example, you can't use MT SP2 with firefox.


                                  I am surprised, that no current MT HF exist 2 month after SP2 release. For MT version 9.1 we got CU_ALL HF on a monthly basis (nearly).

                                  Is ftp://ftp.bmc.com/pub/ARRecommendedFixes/Midtier/ still the right place?



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                                    Hi Stefan,

                                    What other issues do you experience? In our dev environement I have it all now on v9.1.02 , plus Hotfix Version Stamp: 9.1.02 201701050505. I have so far not experienced any issues, but are not running Firefox.


                                    Btw. I just got an email saying they have released a patch for ARS (and Atrium) 9.1.02:

                                    "BMC Remedy AR System 9.1 SP2 Patch 1 ( is Now Available

                                    BMC Software announces the release of BMC Remedy AR System 9.1 SP2 Patch 1. It is available for the Windows, Linux and Solaris platforms. NOTE: Smart Reporting is only available for Windows and Linux. BMC advises all customers on the 9.1 SP2 release to apply this patch.

                                    Patch Highlights

                                    This release consolidates HotFixes delivered for BMC Remedy AR System version 9.1 SP2 into a single patch release including various BMC Remedy Mid Tier, Business Time Segment, Definition Import, Email Engine, Web Service, and Smart Reporting related fixes."