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    AppDynamics integration with Remedy AR System

    Maximilian Jost


      we are trying to integrate AppDynamics with AR System.

      We thought that the best is to put the configuration into the arserver.config but somehow the new added agent doesn't work.

      I am wondering if someone has already done it or could give us some hints.


      Here are the settings we added ino the arserver.config file:









           jvm.option.9=-XX:OnOutOfMemoryError=taskkill /PID %p /F















           jvm.option.24=-Dappdynamics.agent.logs.dir=D:\APPL\BMC Software\ARSystem\lib\AppDynamics_Java_Agent\logs


           jvm.option.26=-Dappdynamics.agent.runtime.dir=D:\APPL\BMC Software\ARSystem\lib\AppDynamics_Java_Agent\logs





           jvm.option.31=-javaagent:D:\APPL\BMC Software\ARSystem\lib\AppDynamics_Java_Agent\javaagent.jar


      After the chages were made the AR Server is not able to start nomarly and write the following message in the armonitor log:


      Initializing ARMonitor Version 9.1.00 201512160229


      Setting server RMI signal port as [58609]

      Binding of armonitor on port [ 58609 ] is successful.

      Initializing ProcessController, to start and monitor all the processes listed in armonitor configuration file.

      Read and start all processes listed in armonitor.cfg.

      Starting Server-Process : "D:\APPL\Java\jre8_64\bin\java" -jar "D:\APPL\BMC Software\ARSystem\arserver.jar"  -i "D:\APPL\BMC Software\ARSystem" -l "C:\Program Files\Common Files\AR System\Licenses\hostname" -m  -t

      ProcessMonitor starting process [ ARSERVER ].

      Server Statup Notification Port [ARSERVERPORT] :58613

      Install Directory resolved to[D:\APPL\BMC Software\ARSystem\lib]

      Server port socket listener initializing..

      Unable to fetch Server activity Logs.


      Thanks in advance for any hints or solutions


      Best Regards


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          Juan Manuel Fraga

          Hi Maximilian,


          I'm trying to configure AppDynamics too, and i don't seem to be able to get it to work in that file. I have 9 jvms running on each of my dev boxes, and i've managed to configure the boot command of 7 of them:


          - /opt/bmc/AtriumCore/cmdb/server/bin/atriumplugin.sh has the command that starts the atrium plugin. Edit the last line of that file to add your -javaagent arguments.

          - /opt/bmc/AtriumCore/cmdb/server/bin/normeng.sh has the equivalent for the normalization engine. Edit the last line here too.

          - /opt/bmc/ARSystem/AREmail/emaild.sh for the email engine process. Edit the JAVA_OPTS line (i think it's line 9) to add your javaagent.


          That's three java processes. I have 4 more that are defined on /etc/arsystem/servername/armonitor.conf for startup:


          - The arserver process itself.

          - The approval server.

          - The FTS process (or two, depending on your FTS configuration).

          - The integrator process (kettle / data integration server).


          You can easily find all of those in that file and edit accordingly. This makes 7 different jvms that I'm able to monitor through AppDynamics, but I'm still missing two:


          - The one you mention in your post. It seems like that file contains the startup arguments for the jetty server, and options that affect the behavior of outgoing Web Service calls among other things. I've modified this file before to include a path to a java keystore, proxy information, and that sort of thing, but if I add the javaagent line to make it work through AppDynamics, the server doesn't start. I don't get the same error as you though, I get this:


          FATAL - Initialization of ARMonitor failed, error - Failed to start Server Process, skip starting other process.

          com.bmc.arsys.armonitor.exception.ARMonitorException: Failed to start Server Process, skip starting other process.

                  at com.bmc.arsys.armonitor.util.ProcessController.startAllProcesses(ProcessController.java:245)

                  at com.bmc.arsys.armonitor.util.ProcessController.initialize(ProcessController.java:90)

                  at com.bmc.arsys.armonitor.ARMonitorDaemon.main(ARMonitorDaemon.java:244)


          I've tried adding the javaagent options at the beginning of the jvm.option.x section, at the end of that section, every option in one line, every option in separate lines, and i've even tried adding the options in the jvm.argument.1=arg1 section (the very bottom) of that file. Nothing works. It either fails to start the server, or doesn't change a thing and completely skips the lines I add. I'm not sure what to do here. If you managed to get this one to work, please reply.


          - The last java process i'm not able to capture with appdynamics looks like this:


          /usr/java/jdk1.8.0_45/jre/bin/java -Xmx512m -Djava.lib.path=. -classpath .:/opt/bmc/ARSystem/bin/arapi-91_build001.jar:/opt/bmc/ARSystem/bin/log4j-1.2.17.jar:/opt/bmc/ARSystem/bin/armonitor-9.1.00-SNAPSHOT.jar com.bmc.arsys.armonitor.ARMonitorDaemon


          I'd say that's the armonitor process, but i can't find where is the file that has the startup command for that process. The closest thing i've found is a file called ARMonitor_Admin.sh that you can find on installdir/bin, but the line on that file ends with com.bmc.arsys.armonitor.ARMonitorAdmin instead of com.bmc.arsys.armonitor.ARMonitorDaemon. I've no idea what ARMonitorAdmin is supposed to be, but i'd love to know where to find the file that contains the armonitor startup command.


          By the way, i just noticed you seem to be using a windows server, but maybe some of this info helps you anyway, it's probably the same thing but with .bat files instead of .sh files. Oh and your armonitor.conf will be in installdir/conf/ instead of /etc/arsystem/servername/ i think. The rest should be the same.



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            Jamie Boley

            Maximilian Jost Did you ever get AppDyncamis running on the ARS layer?  I'm looking to install and configure AppDynamics within our 9.1.01 environment and I have it working on the midtier, but haven't tried on the ARS server yet.

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              Maximilian Jost

              Hey Juan!

              Hi Jamie!


              sorry for my very late answer and thanks for your posts.

              all the settings you mentioned are configurable but the main issue is that one I mentioned in my post. we couldn't still get it work but I got in touch with a BMC guy and he told that he's also doing some investigation regarding that setting and would let me know, when he found the solution.

              I mean this should or could be done by using other third party solutions and hope BMC will provide us the settings which have to be done.

              I'll update my post as soon as I got an anwers and tested it.




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                LJ LongWing

                I recently worked with a customer that was able to get this working with a bit of help from AppDynamics

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                  Kobus Duminy

                  Do you have any detail on how they did it and which processes they attached it to? Linux or Windows?

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                    LJ LongWing

                    The customer is on Windows, and I believe they are attaching to the Remedy Server process, and maybe each of the plugin servers...not 100% sure though...

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                      Maximilian Jost

                      As we do have TrueSight in house now, we'll do the monitoring with it :-)


                      Thanks you all for your feedbacks




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                        Mark Walters

                        Maximilian Jost - I think we have had a report of one customer that got this working but I'm not sure that this has been confirmed.  In addition to the jvm.options you added to your arserverd.conf you also need to make change in the /opt/bmc/ARSystem/conf/config.properties file:


                        Modify the org.osgi.framework.bootdelegation entry to this:



                                sun.*, \

                                com.sun.*, \

                                org.apache.karaf.*, \

                                org.apache.xerces.*, \

                                javax.transaction, \

                                javax.transaction.*, \



                        I'd be interested to know if this works?

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                          Eric Wuensche

                          Hi Mark Walters, although I have not started to further look into the results with AppDynamics, I can confirm, that the server is able to start with the mentioned changes in the config.properties and adding jvm.option.21=-javaagent:/opt/appdynamics/javaagent/javaagent.jar to the arserverd.conf in AR Server 18.05

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                            Ankit Tiwari

                            Hi Maximilian,


                            If you want to generate Incident in Remedy for AppDynamics alerts then you can integrate AppDynamics with Remedy using RBE Engine as well.




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                              Jean-Jacques Muteteke

                              Hey Eric, were ayou able to go further with this? we did the same thing as you mentioned. But we aren't seeing any transactions from APPdynamics.

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                                Eric Wuensche

                                Hi Jean-Jacques Muteteke, we have just started to further look into this topic. So far we have added the agent to the MidTier Tomcat and AR Backend in our loadbalanced QA environment. By default the visibility is very limited. It is necessary to enable the Spring Bean detection in the discovery rules (Controller UI - Configuration - Instrumentation - Transaction Detection - Java Autodiscovery Rule - Check "Discover Transactions automatically for all Spring Bean invocations") - only by this, you will be able to see the Database interactions of the AR System.

                                Our further steps are to run a thread profiler to be able to manually map the connection between MidTier and AR Server (as it currently is not detected automatically due to the proprietary RPC calls).

                                Will keep you posted - and anybody else please share your insights as well!


                                This is what we see so far:


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                                  Jean-Jacques Muteteke

                                  Awesome. we placed our agents on the SmartIT tomcat and on its corresponding ARS server. we original tried to place the agent to monitor the arserver.jar, but we didn't see anything. so instead we managed to place it on the SNAPSHOT.JAR process and we managed to see some things after we placed a pojo on the following class RPCProcessCall. We are trying to monitor the full transaction process of creating an incident as a start. from SmartIT to ARS to Database. We just aren't sure what to look for.



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