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    SLES Patch Catalog Queries

    Rajesh Kumar

      I am building a repo of SLES 10 Patches and I am using an Offline Downloader. I use the following config file entries in my XML file











      I have a query: Will this include the Pool updates as well? I have few users who wanted to upgrade their SLES 10 SP2 to SLES 10 SP3.

      Will this configuration help in this migration? if not, should I add pool update links as well to this config file? If so, I am not sure which tag should be used for Pool updates.


      I referred to this doc https://docs.bmc.com/docs/display/bsa86/Preparing+the+configuration+file+for+SUSE+Linux+Enterprise for the URLs and I see all URLs available


      Are there any tags to specify the Update URL as well?


      When I create a catalog, should I make any specific change for this Service Pack upgrade? - I only see option to select the OS, where as the Online Catalog provides an option for Pool only and online update separately.